Judy was a godsend

Judy was a godsend to me and my husband in the first few weeksafter our daughter was born. She helped us figure out what our goals were and then she helped us achieve our goals. She never tried to push her own agenda, which was so important to us and exactly what we needed at that time.

In addition to being sweet, supportive, practical, and extremely available (she checked in with us every day in the beginning) she is very knowledgeable, and totally non-judgmental.

She helped me survive engorgement when my milk was first coming in and gave me wonderful tips about how to increase, and then maintain, my milk supply.

I honestly don't know how we would have survived those first few weeks without Judy's guidance. I highly recommend her and will be calling her immediately when I have my next child.

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Liz is fabulous!

Liz is fabulous! Lactation Partners transformed one of the most difficult situations I've ever encountered into one of the most rewarding experiences of my early motherhood.

Three months ago, I became a mom for the first time. Inexplicably, my son kept losing weight in the hospital. Several pediatricians and three hospital-based lactation consultants were mystified. My husband and I were exhausted and desperate. We were on Day 5 of almost no sleep, despite round the clock help from our supportive family members.

Our pediatrician referred us to Lactation Partners. I called — and literally overnight — our lives changed for the better.

I connected with Judy immediately. She listened to me, asked excellent questions, and gave me some wonderful advice to survive the night, and set us up with Liz Sjoblom to advance our agenda — so to speak — the very next day.

When Liz arrived, she was everything that we needed: kind, compassionate, nurturing, supportive, thoughtful, and brilliant. She diagnosed immediately what everyone else had missed: our son was tongue-tied. Then, because we were so defeated already, she coached us through talking to our pediatrician's office and the ENT to get our son treated ASAP. She was available by phone and email for follow-up consultations, holding our hand for the next four weeks on a regular basis until she felt confident that we felt confident that we were feeding well.

Without exaggeration, Liz's insights and nurturing support were miraculous. My family and I felt that she had waved a magic wand over us, and transformed what was an incredibly stressful, depressing, anxious situation into the bonding bliss that you read about, and hope for with your child.

And, thanks to Liz and Lactation Partners, I now feel confident, well-informed, and recommend her and the practice to every new mom I know.

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I had the pleasure of working with Joan

I had the pleasure of working with Joan Kessler, one of the lactation consultants with Lactation Partners. The first week of breast feeding after the birth of my daughter proved challenging, to say the least. After a doctor at Prentice Hospital gave me their card I decided to see what this “lactation consultant” was all about.

Well let me say, Joan Kessler exceeded my expectations. She came over and spent almost 2 hours with me helping with everything from determining how much milk my daughter was taking in from my breasts, to creating a detailed plan to help me successfully breast feed my little one. It didn't end there. Joan continued to email, text and call me with support and also in response to my many daily questions.

She is patient, empathetic and knowledgeable, the exact combination you want in this situation. I give Joan my complete endorsement as a lactation consultant. She is absolutely amazing and 7 weeks later I continue tapping into her expertise.

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Liz helped me develop an action plan

Thank to Liz I was able to turn a stressful and disappointing newborn nursing experience into the most fulfilling and special time of our lives. I had issues nursing our 1st, so I proactively scheduled an appt with Liz the next day after we got home with our 2nd based on a few raving referrals. She helped me develop an action plan that works for me, not an unrealistic one they gave me at the hospital. She showed me a few tricks that made a huge difference. Highly recommend lactation partners and don't wait too long to ask for help!

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Joan helped us create a feeding plan

After nursing my son for an entire year with no difficulty, I figured everything would work out the same way with my second child. Then I delivered my daughter five weeks early and with her early delivery came some preemie feeding difficulties. She was losing weight and having trouble eating efficiently. Fortunately, when she was four days old, we met Joan from Lactation Partners.

Joan helped us create a feeding plan and before long my daughter was back on track and gaining weight. For the first six weeks, Joan was regularly in touch as my daughter and I continued to work through issues and find a breastfeeding path that worked for us. She was so available and helpful and we can never thank her enough for all of her help. Not only did she provide feeding specifics and advice but she was an excellent counselor as well, providing emotional support that I really needed to get through this difficult time. As I continue to breastfeed my daughter, I know that if a question comes up, Joan is still available to help.

I seriously do not know how I would have made it through this breastfeeding experience without Joan's assistance. She is so smart, dedicated and helpful and you can really tell that she cares about her clients and their babies. I would recommend her to friends and family who may need her services without any question.

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I truly don't know what we would have done without Judy's assistance

The day after we came home from the hospital, Judy came over. I was having trouble with latching, and my daughter had lost more than 10% of her birth weight. My milk supply hadn't fully come in yet, and I didn't know what to do. Judy showed me and my husband how to supplement while continuing to nurse so our daughter would start gaining weight. She also put together a plan to help me increase my milk supply. After the initial visit, Judy kept in touch and continued to support and encourage me for as long as I needed help. By the time my daughter was 10 weeks old, I had enough milk to stop supplementing. I truly don't know what we would have done without Judy's assistance.

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Judy's help, support, understanding, and patience were an invaluable resource

Judy's help, support, understanding, and patience were an invaluable resource and comfort to me as my baby and I tried to learn this new skill. She listens with care and concern and helps you navigate this process in the way that is best for you and your baby.