The Best Invention Since the Tampon

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I hope I caught your attention because it’s true!  I’ve made this statement many times and I’m talking about the hands-free pumping bra.  The concept is so simple I wish I had come up with it myself.  Back in the day, we had to hold the pumps on our breasts while pumping which was BORING.  You couldn’t do anything except watch TV.  I couldn’t turn the pages of a book or magazine, check my email, do online shopping (there wasn’t any then haha just good catalogues like Right Start), couldn’t even really talk on the phone.  It was tedious to say the least.

Now pumping is ALWAYS a labor of love, certainly, but the hands-free pumping bra is a complete game-changer.  It makes the entire experience so much more tolerable. The brand I most often recommend is Simple Wishes D Lite Hands Free Pumping Bra.  The bustier type design is adjustable in size using Velcro to sustain a perfect fit over time as a nursing mother’s size changes.  The zipper in the middle allows for ease of use which makes this bra particularly user friendly.   The 1-inch zip in panel is optional if you need a larger size which makes this bra particularly size friendly.  It comes in black or pink.  Machine wash on gentle and hang to dry.

One word of caution, however, when using any hands free pumping bra:  Do be sure that you’re certain the pump flanges are well centered so that your nipple is moving freely down the tunnel without rubbing before you tune out your pump and tune in to something more interesting.  The material that holds the flanges firmly against your breasts can block your view of your nipples entering the pump tunnels and it’s important your nipple is well centered both for more effective pumping and for more comfort while pumping.  Once you’re all set up with position and suction strength, tune out and have a snack, read, or use breast compression to facilitate milk flow.  Happy pumping, it is your ticket to freedom!


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